Volunteer Now!

The Imagination Factory Children’s Museum is blessed with amazing volunteers who are passionate about the mission. It is all about children and how the volunteers work as a team to provide services to participants of all ages. Volunteers starting at 13 years old are welcome to join the volunteer team.

Volunteers Valued

All local community members are welcome to enroll as a volunteer for the Imagination Factory Children’s Museum.

We appreciate our volunteers by offering volunteer training, work incentives and fun team activities.

The Role of Volunteers

The Imagination Factory Children’s Museum hosts quarterly family events, monthly parent discussions and weekly Saturday morning children’s activities sponsored by the Great Start Collaborative.  Volunteers are adult and student leaders who help with:  (1) Registering; (2) Supervising; (3) Serving Food; (4) Directing Children’s Activities; (5) Socializing; (6) Distributing resources and information.

We Need You!

The Imagination Factory Children’s Museum is a nonprofit organization presently being served by volunteer leaders. We need everyone to ‘lend a hand’ to provide a place where everyone belongs: children can play, youth and adults can experience leadership opportunities and parents can make positive connections with peers.

Volunteer of the Year 2023
Dian Miller

Dian Miller is a dedicated Imagination Factory Children’s Museum volunteer who loves engaging with children and teaching children to LOVE TO LEARN!  Dian is recognized as a committed community leader who genuinely gives her time and great amounts of effort to make a difference in the lives of others.  Dian enjoys coming to the museum to see the children play and learn.  Dian has also been instrumental in providing a team leadership role and in creating new exhibits and play areas.  Thank you Team Leader Dian for touching the lives of children and families in a way that provides emotional support and discipline resulting in education, love and positive role modeling.  We love, admire and appreciate Dian for all her contributions to the Imagination Factory.

Thank You to Dian Miller & All The Dedicated Volunteers!

Student Mentors

Students in grades 7-12 from surrounding area schools are eligible to join the Imagination Factory Mentor Team and Volunteer Team. Student volunteers help with the following leadership roles: supervising at exhibits, assisting children at activity stations, teaching health and safety lessons during children activity events and vetting children’s museum exhibits. Student Mentors visit elementary schools to present to classrooms on bully prevention and drug prevention topics and to encourage daily reading and families reading together.

Community Partners